Integrating Clouds

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We help large organizations in highly regulated industries stay competitive against their cloud native competitors by accelerating their adoption of cloud innovation.

Anaeko is a Hybrid Cloud Integrator specializing in the development and test of hybrid cloud products and solutions. We help organizations adopt cloud computing through the Agile Integration of Cloud Services and Enterprise Applications.


Connector Development

IBM COS integrations for Veritas Enterprise Vault, Symantec Netbackup and many more.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility tested IBM COS against products from Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Gladinet and others

Interoperability Testing

Interoperability analysis between IBM COS, AWS, DDN, and OpenStack APIs

Workflow Optimization

Optimized file to object workflows using smart connectors like Stocator and iRODS

Porting Applications

We port applications from AWS to IBM COS using the IBM COS SDKs we helped develop

Gateway & Proxy Development

File gateways development backed to IBM COS and build proxies such as DDN WOS to IBM COS

Migration Services

Development of In-band and out-of-band migration tools from private and public cloud storage platforms to IBM COS

Automated Testing

Automated test frameworks to validate pre and post migration and regression test on premise COS, IBM Cloud and 3rd party vendor upgrades

Storage Analytics

Analytics engines to monitor storage platform health and analyze usage patterns Cloud Security Upgrades

Cloud Security Upgrades

Upgrading applications to take advantage of IBM Cloud security services including IAM and Key Protect

Cloud Consultancy

Advising which applications should move to the cloud

Cloud Platforms

Rearchitecting solutions on a scalable cloud architecture

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