Anaeko is a “3rd Platform” company specialising in cloud integration and disruptive technology solutions.

For the past decade Anaeko has innovated on behalf of global technology companies in the fields of mobile computing, social media, cloud computing, big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Anaeko’s thought leadership in these “third platform” technologies has led to an overwhelming demand for its world-leading expertise.

The dynamic company is experiencing unprecedented growth in three main areas: Software-Defined Storage, Disruptive Cloud Applications and ServiceClarity DevOps and BizOps Reporting.

In Software-Defined Storage the company solves problems on the largest storage platforms in the world. Anaeko is a specialist in IBM’s Cloud Object Storage built on Cleversafe’s leading Object Storage Platform recently acquired by IBM for $1.3bn. Anaeko works on Zettabyte storage projects in a market estimated by IDC to be worth £28.3Bn by 2018.

In Disruptive Cloud Applications the company designs web, mobile and tablet applications, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and intelligent analytics engines for US “unicorns” – start-up companies valued over $1bn.

In DevOps and BusOps Reportimg, Anaeko has seen a surge of interest in the company’s strategic reporting Software-as-a-Service product ServiceClarity. ServiceClarity measures Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across public and hybrid cloud services from Amazon, Atlassian, ZenDesk and many more. Fast growing technology companies rely on ServiceClarity to optimise the value of their cloud platforms, development and operational processes.

Anaeko Quality Policy

Anaeko are an ISO 9001 certified supplier, our scope statement and quality objectives are below.


All of Anaeko’s software services, consultancy and products including ServiceClarity

Quality Policy

Anaeko is committed to providing quality products and solutions that meet our customers requirements and Anaeko’s standards.

Quality Objectives

  • To meet customer expectations with regard to quality, schedule and functionality
  • To continually improve our processes in order to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • To provide all employees with training and the support they need
  • To ensure that that the Anaeko Quality Management System is understood, communicated and followed by all employees

Where does the name ‘Anaeko’ come from?

Anaeko is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning ‘to emerge’.

This is because Anaeko was born as a mobile telecoms company and evolved its focus from mobile data integration, through mobile service delivery platforms and mobile advertising through IT Service Management and IT Process Automation to become the “3rd Platform Company” it is today.

From this journey Anaeko has a deep expertise in IT Service Management (ITSM) solving the issues created as large organizations move to the cloud. The company delivered tailored software products and solutions that helped organizations monitor and manage large IT environments, particularly hybrid environments that combined on-premise, private cloud and public cloud resources.

Our ServiceClarity product began life as a Service Level Management (SLM) product for Hybrid environments. It enabled Managed Service Providers to define, monitor and review their service catalogue and the Key Performance Indicators  (KPI’s) associated with them, as outlined in Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) between the service providers and the service consumer.

In the field of IT Process Automation, Anaeko built a world class consulting practice focused automating IT processes to reduce operational cost, apply best practice and improve service delivery. Anaeko delivered Process Automation consultancy using orchestration products from vendors including Microsoft and VMware and integrating products from vendors including HP, IBM, BMC and CA. Anaeko delivered consultancy on the largest IT Process Automation project in the world for a major UK Government department and developed a range of plugins to market leading ITSM products for Microsoft’s IT Process Automation product, System Center Orchestrator.

In addition to these wide and varied specialisations Anaeko has always provided a range of outsourced software development, system integration and data integration services. For a complete list of please visit our Services page