Anaeko’s customers include some of the most innovative Managed Service Providers and a string of leading-edge software companies.


Managed Service Providers

Eircom - Anaeko's CustomersEircom NI
Anaeko delivered a Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reporting solution to Eircom NI to improve and optimise reporting on Network NI service the    company provides to the Northern Irish Civil Service. The solution was built on Anaeko’s A-DAS product which provides real-time access to key incident management , service performance and service rollout information.

Telecoms Operators

BT - Anaeko's CustomersBT
Anaeko provided BT with architectural design services on the “Right First Time” project – optimising customer support through efficient device diagnostics. Our architects defined a pro-active service monitoring solution built on federated services.


Orange - Anaeko's CustomersOrange
Anaeko provides support and maintenance for Orange Austria’s third party partner management.  Anaeko’s in-depth Telecoms expertise ensures that the system continues to operate efficiently 24-7.


Meteor - Anaeko's CustomersMeteor Mobile
Anaeko provided expert technical systems analysis to the Irish mobile operator on Meteor’s IN replacement programme and introduction of a new billing system. Our consultants helped plan and manage service rollout and verification.


Independent Software Vendors

Aepona - Anaeko's CustomersAepona
Aepona is a major telecoms software vendor specialising in Network-as-a-Service.  Anaeko provides outsourced product development on Aepona’s Universal Services Platform and helps deliver customisations to Aepona’s customers


Kana - Anaeko's CustomersKANA
Kana is a world leader in multi-channel customer service solutions for both commercial and government sectors. Anaeko delivers a range of outsourced product development and solution delivery services to KANA around Lagan’s Enterprise Case Management product, the Open311 standard for location-based issue tracking and the Lagan Mobile application.


Changing Worlds - Anaeko's CustomersChangingWorlds  ( now Amdocs Interactive )
ChangingWorlds is an Amdocs company specialising in personalisation of mobile portals.  Anaeko provided software development on the ChangingWorlds smart portal product suite.


mformation - Anaeko's CustomersmFormation
mFormations provides a suite of mobile device management products.  Anaeko provided on-site software development services to the company.


Accuris Networks - Anaeko's CustomersAccuris
Accuris is a telecoms software vendor specialising in roaming products.  We worked with the company on a range of product customisations demonstrating our deep understanding of SS7 network technology.

Innovation Networks

Mobile Advertising Alliance - Anaeko's customersMobile Advertising Alliance
The Mobile Advertising Alliance (MAA) is a collaboration of software vendors marketing a multi-channel advertising platform to mobile and fixed line operators. Anaeko architected and integrated the MAA platform, deploying the Anaeko Data Agility Server (A-DAS) as the real-time profile and context server.


SDP Alliance - Anaeko's CustomersSDP Alliance
The SDP Alliance is an international consortium of companies that work together to deliver best in class service delivery platforms to international telecoms operators.  Anaeko architected and integrated the SDP Alliance platform – deploying the Anaeko Data Agility Server technology as common subscriber profile.