Anaeko Integrated Analytics Services

Analytics Integration Services

Anaeko Integrated Analytics Services accelerate decision making by providing business leaders with timely insights.

We deliver analytics-as-a-service by consolidating data onto policy-controlled platforms and providing business users with self-service analytics.

Our unique approach to analytics recognises that business insight requires collaboration between business leaders, domain experts, analysts and integrators.

Anaeko simplifies analytics for business leaders by providing easy-to-engage integrated analytics services that avoid technical jargon and reduce time-to-value by focussing on rapid reporting delivered by an expert team.

Supercharge your business insights with an Analytics Accelerator

Integrated analytics services - Analytics Accelerator

Analytics Accelerator

Quick-start analytics for organisations of any size.

Integrated analytics services - Data Readiness

Data Readiness

Automated ingestion and preparation of historic and live stream data.

Integrated analytics services - Analytics Platforms

Analytics Platforms

Custom built and fully managed analytics platforms.

Integrated analytics services - Self-Service Analytics

Self-Service Analytics

Purpose-built reporting engines and cloud business intelligence.

Integrated analytics services - Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Executive reporting of future KPI performance.

Integrated analytics services - Report Automation

Report Automation

Intelligent reports driven by Machine Learning, AI and domain knowledge

Anaeko delivers insight

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