ServiceClarity is a Software-as-a-Service Catalogue and Service Level Management (SLM) solution designed to help IT departments and other key stakeholders manage business benefits delivered by their IT Systems, for Hybrid cloud environments.

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ServiceClarity KPI Reporting - measure the KPIs that matter

ServiceClarity KPI Reporting - measuring KPIs that matter

Powerful KPI reporting for fast growing technology companies.

ServiceClarity Features

Simple Self-Service Setup and Operation
ServiceClarity is a hosted and managed Software-as-a-Service product that is easy-to-use for both executives and IT staff.

On-Premise and Cloud Connectors
ServiceClarity provides out-of-the-box and custom connectors for leading ITSM product vendors including VMware, BMC, EMC, IBM, CA, Microsoft, cloud services including Amazon, SalesForce and ServiceNow, along with other 3rd party services.

Comprehensive Metric Collection
ServiceClarity collects key performance and financial metrics from service management products and monitoring tools managed by your business, along with those services delivered by partners and suppliers.

Business-Level KPI Monitoring
ServiceClarity unifies the monitoring of business-level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in on-premise and hybrid cloud IT environments, identifying trends from a single real-time dashboard.

Analytical Service Catalogue
ServiceClarity models dependencies between business and technical services, highlighting KPI dependencies and managing service windows across complex composite services.

Automated SLA Reporting

ServiceClarity automates executive and customer KPI reporting, enabling Service Level Agreements to be defined, benchmarked, monitored and improved. Clear RAG charting can be shared online or exported.

ServiceClarity Benefits

Reduce Cost and Risk
ServiceClarity’s subscription-based licensing model with low-touch installation and commissioning results in a risk-free evaluation and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Monitor Your Business From a Single Product
ServiceClarity is a single SaaS Service Management product to support your journey to and from the cloud. ServiceClarity’s connector architecture future-proofs your investment.

Enhance Existing Processes
ServiceClarity complements existing IT investments by extracting valuable insights from all of the operational and business tools used by the business. “The benefits of the whole are greater than the sum of the parts”.

Maximise Business Benefit
ServiceClarity enables executives to monitor the KPIs that are most relevant to their business, including cost, performance, agility, customer satisfaction, risk and reputation. This drives a common understanding of each service and the KPI’s required to deliver business benefit.

Improve Service Delivery
ServiceClarity makes understanding complex services simple in order to continually improve service delivery and achieve the desired benefits for both the business and end users.

Free Up Valuable Time
ServiceClarity’s automated reports free up valuable time from error-prone report compilation so that more time can be devoted to analysing performance, communicating results and improving service delivery.


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