ServiceClarity for Service Providers


ServiceClarity for Service Providers is a Software-as-a-Service Service Level Management (SLM) designed to improve service delivery.

ServiceClarity unifies the monitoring of Key Performance Indicators in hybrid cloud environments and automates the generation of KPI reporting.

ServiceClarity SLA reporting - measuring KPIs that matter


The key differentiator between ServiceClarity and other SLM products is that ServiceClarity has been specifically designed to simplify reporting in large, complex hybrid cloud environments.

ServiceClarity rapidly deploys alongside existing IT Service Management products and monitoring tools, extracting low level operational metrics and aggregating these into simple, actionable business level reports.

The highly configurable ServiceClarity can report on virtually any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for which data has been captured, but typical KPIs include Service Utilisation, Service Performance, Service Availability, Quality of Service, Cost, Efficiency, Incident Volume, Incident Volume, Incident Resolution Time, Problem Resolution Time, Change Management Success, Service Rollout and Customer Satisfaction.

ServiceClarity integrates with service management products and monitoring tools from leading ITSM product vendors including VMware, EMC, IBM, CA, Microsoft, cloud services from the likes of Amazon, SalesForce and ServiceNow®, along with niche products and services.

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Key Features:

Data Collection
of base metrics from any Service Management product with an API or accessible database and the aggregation of metrics into KPIs
KPI Recording
in a time-series database for trending and reporting purposes
Service Catalogue
to model dependencies between business and technical services, and simplify the management of KPI dependencies and the alignment of complex service windows
Automated SLA Monitoring
of the Agreement Terms between the provider and their customers
Service Credit Analysis
of any penalties incurred from a failure to meet Agreement Terms
Customer SLA Reporting
on the historic and current performance of KPIs against the Agreement Terms
between Service Managers through in-application commenting of SLA breaches and warnings
Report Sharing
of Service Reports with customers through online and exported customer reports, complete with customer commenting.


Key Benefits:

Reduce Operational Overheads
by automating the data collection and report generation in a complex multi-vendor cloud environment
Understand Complexity
by unifying business-level reporting under a single interface and by modelling the complex interdependencies between services
Improve Customer Satisfaction
through self-service customer reports that can be easily integrated into a Service Provider portal or shared via email
Reduce Service Credits through improved analysis of SLA warnings and breaches and improved baselining of Agreement Terms
Optimise Service Delivery
through a better understanding of the trade-offs between various cloud deployment options
Improve Service Delivery
through more appropriate KPIs and an increased ability to evolve SLAs in response to customer service reviews.
Rapidly On Board New Customers
by simple account set up, SLA templates, and the flexibility to benchmark and negotiate new SLAs or renegotiate existing SLAs inherited from a previous service provider


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