SLM Consultancy

Anaeko Consulting

Anaeko provides strategic and technical consulting, focussing on architectural design and solution implementation around our core competencies.

Our experienced team are particularly adept at innovating on behalf of our customers, taking a high level concept and turning it into reality.

Our core competencies around which we deliver consulting is:

  • Agile Data Integration
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Service Delivery Platforms

Some of the consultancy services we provide include:

  • Data Quality Audits
    Assessing our customers’ enterprise information systems and advising on tactical and strategic improvements.  Key areas for review include data quality, governance, security & risk.
  • Data Integration
    Specialist data analysis and impartial, best-practice advice on alternative data integration techniques.
  • Solution Design
    Architecting bespoke applications in an open innovation process with our customers.
  • System Integration
    Integrating distributed software systems into an end-to-end value proposition