Data Integration

Anaeko was established to develop data integration products that address the complex challenges of modern businesses.

Through years of cutting-edge R&D on the Anaeko Data Agility Server (A-DAS) and by delivering data integration solutions for a range of high profile customers, Anaeko has built world-class competence in data integration.  Anaeko draws on this wealth of experience to deliver effective data integration solution for Anaeko customers.

Having analysed all of the current data integration technologies, Anaeko recognised the failings of existing approaches and pioneered a uniquely different approach to data integration. We call our approach ‘Agile Data Integration’.

Agile Data Integration

Agile Data Integration combines technique and technology to address data integration challenges in complex, fast-moving organisations.

The Agile Data Integration Methodology

Anaeko defines all data integration project engagements using a structured methodology. This ensures that all our clients fully understand the scope of any services engagement and the deliverables and feedback mechanisms we will put in place as part of our performance review cycles.

Analyses the current data and application environment and provides best practice advice. This element of our engagement methodology is critical in defining the current situation as well as a roadmap to an Anaeko based solution suite.

The design phase defines the scope of work based on organisational objectives. We pay due regard to integration issues, transformation, migration and data as a service issues. Output from this phase is a solution design.

Anaeko can build a rapid prototype based on our agile integration approach and agility-server model. The prototype will clearly demonstrate key benefits of the finished solution and alterations to existing systems. Output is a working portal-based user interface and/or demo system.

Our delivery approach is to develop a full agile based solution that we will iterate based on 10 day cycle reviews. The delivery approach – hosted, non-hosted; licensed or open souce – will be agreed at design phase.

We will review the solution on a 6-monthly basis or based on cycles agreed with the client. We will also provide early warning monitoring and alerts, as required. Maintenance and support contracts can also be agreed. Contact us for more information.

Anaeko Design Process in Steps

Anaeko Design Process - Data Integration