A-DAS Applications

Nearly all medium to large businesses and government agencies face the challenge of data proliferation and operational database profusion.  It’s for this reason that in the last few decades the data warehousing concept emerged.  But data warehousing to some extent worsened the problem by creating even more non-transactional and non-operational data stores to manage and maintain.

The Anaeko approach is light touch in that we do not interfere or redefine existing operational data stores.  Nor do we create new warehouses.  What we do instead is to create new and rich web based operational systems out of what’s already there.  We utilise the concept of REST in our core technology to create just-in-time data-driven applications.

So if you are grappling with a challenge of how to deliver data to call centre operatives or to populate forms from Sharepoint data or to get SAP information to a customer portal…now it’s possible with minimal fuss.

Our REST-based architecture creates applications that are delivered using simple Web technologies including HTTP and XML. Applications can run in standard Web browsers, spreadhseets and other enterprise applications using our Anaeko server technology.  By using this approach we can deliver applications much faster than traditional SOA based approaches.  Moreover, our Anaeko server is entirely independent of the type of underlying data store.  Whatever operational data resides in your back office can be used to drive a new breed of web based applications.

This approach to application development results in the following key benefits:

  • Standard web browsers running Anaeko applications can access any resource integrated with the Anaeko server
  • Back office databases can run on disparate protocols and operational environments (e.g. standalone relational databases, CRM or ERP systems)
  • New applications depend less on vendor software and mechanisms which layer additional messaging frameworks on top of HTTP
  • Users obtain equivalent functionality to less flexible, hard-wired client-server applications

Some of the A-DAS applications Anaeko has delivered include: