A-DAS Data Firewall

Today even small to medium Organisations increasingly rely on distributed, networked services. In an ideal world these services would be entirely under the control of the home grown IT services and securely connected behind corporate firewalls. In reality it is likely that at least one or two services fall outside of this secure domain, perhaps hosted by an Internet Service Provider, a business partner or a customer. With the increasing practicality and popularity of outsourced services, leveraging applications and infrastructure in the Cloud the number of Services, databases and other data sources that sit outside the Organisations core network will only increase. For many organisations the future will be increasingly distributed, placing new demands on the security and confidence of Customers as potentially sensitive information is needed across the network, across corporate and firewalled boundaries.

Anaeko’s Data Agility Server (A-DAS) is a data service designed from the beginning to live on the network, to share data across a distributed set of Data Sources, efficiently and securely. An A-DAS deployment can consist of a single A-DAS instance or a growing network of instances spread across the multiple networks. Each instance adds to the total available data set and provides secure access to one or more underlying Data Sources. Data can be transparently shared between authorised A-DAS instances using encrypted channels enabling A-DAS Data services inside the corporate firewall to delegate requests for data across secure channels to other A-DAS instances in the public Cloud or behind Customer and Partner networks.

A deployment of A-DAS on multiple sites can provide an encrypted private network for Data Services acting as the gate keeper for potentially sensitive information. By managing access to Data Sources through fine-grained Access Control and transparently encrypting data transfer between potentially insecure networks A-DAS acts as a Data Firewall for commercially and personally sensitive information, allowing distributed and potentially disconnected Organisation to operate as a single, secure Data Network.