Open Government Data

Open government dataIn the European Union and in individual national jurisdictions there is a strong regulatory drive towards greater use of ICT by government in general and local government in particular.

The so-called i2010 initiative across the European Union has resulted in a focus on citizen engagement and interaction. i2010 requires that member nations make available more information and more services via pervasive web based technologies.

In addition, national regulatory frameworks highlight the need to make more central and local authority services available online as well as improved business processes across local authority functions.

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More fully integrated solutions are required to reduce relatively high transactional costs for citizen interaction – with the demarcation between ‘front office’ and ‘back office’ processes blurring. There is also evidence of a growing drive towards ‘shared services models’ at both central government and local authority level – with a particular focus on call centre/CRM resources. Shared services centres are being developed across central and local government in the UK and in all the devolved regions.

In most European countries – and certainly in Great Britain and Northern Ireland – there is an increasing focus on delivering significant economies in government though the use of web-based solutions. Such solutions are being utilised by both internal teams as well as citizens themselves using informational and transactional portals.

Anaeko’s rapid application delivery model allows new web based interaction portals to be assembled much more rapidly by government departments and shared service centres.