The Anaeko Data Agility Server (A-DAS) provides simple REST services to access distributed data sources. Click here to download the A-DAS Interface Specification.

Anaeko A-DAS information:

A-DAS enables the following data integration and access applications:

  • Data-as-a-Service – providing simple web services interfaces to access enterprise and government data 
  • Single View of Customer, business, property, or patient by consolidating CRM records
  • Real-Time Reporting – driving real-time reports from real-time systems and stored historical data
  • Data Integration Hot-Housing and Prototyping – supporting agile development  processes
  • Master Data Management – applying real-time rules to determine the golden record from conflicting data
  • Data Integration within a SOA environment  – providing flexible SOA data interfaces

Anaeko data agility server


Key A-DAS Features:

  • Unified Data Access – out-of-the-box tools-based integration of common data sources, including relational databases, web services, XML, Excel spreadsheets, etc
  • Data-as-a-Service Interfaces – simple, business-user and developer friendly interfaces to view and export consolidated data.
  • Extensible query and transformations –  define cleanse, match and merge logic declaratively and apply transformation logic in real-time
  • Light-touch, flexible, scalable solution – supports centralised and distributed deployments and the dynamic introduction of new data sources.

A-DAS can be displayed in different variations of reporting styles to suit your business needs.

A-DAS data services



  • Supports Continuously Evolving Data Models –unlike other data integration solutions, A-DAS does not enforce a common data model. Multiple virtual views of the same data can be supported simultaneously and new data sources and views can be introduced dynamically without redeploying data services. This enables run-time rather than design-time integration of data.
  • Serves Data in the Appropriate Format – the A-DAS RESTful data services present data in a format appropriate to the consuming application. For example, the same A-DAS web service delivers HTML to a web browser, a spreadsheet to Microsoft Excel and XML or JSON to any application that requests those formats. This technique enables A-DAS data services to be consumed from virtually any networked device or application
  • A-DAS Data Services Can Be Dynamically Combined – A-DAS data services can be distributed throughout the enterprise and ‘the cloud’, yet co-operate in real-time to answer data queries a co-operative manner. Their self-describing nature enables A-DAS data services to be combined in real-time without affecting operational systems.

ADAS Demo Examples:

A-DAS data services