Cloud Applications

Anaeko develops a broad range of scalable cloud applications on a variety of platforms. These include the development of specialised ‘shared nothing’ architectures for end user applications designed to scale to millions of users, and the development of cloud applications on top of public and private cloud platforms.

Anaeko has cloud application and development expertise across cloud platforms from Microsoft, Amazon, VMware and Whisple Cloud Services.

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Some of the packaged services Anaeko provides for Whisple include:

Cloud Application Readiness Assessment

Specialist vFabric consultancy on how to port your existing applications to vFabric. This personalised package involves an evaluation of your current application architecture and the production of a Cloud Application Readiness report outlining the steps necessary to port your application from its current environment to the Whisple Cloud Application Platform. The assessment represents the quickest and most cost effective way to get your application onto the Whisple Cloud Services Marketplace

Cloud Application Development

Custom development of cloud applications specifically designed for the Whisple Cloud Application Platform. This outsourced development package is delivered by vFarbric Spring experts and is designed to complement any existing development capabilities. The package delivers a Cloud Application Technical Architecture and Go To Market strategy, backed by an expert vFabric application development team.

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